Contact Information

please re-type using the @ sign when sending him e-mail.  We've removed the @ so that automatic e-mail trollers on the web can't take his e-mail and spam him.

You can also e-mail Matthew at and they will send him a hard copy of the e-mail you sent.  That would be great for him so he could re-read your letters, which is not something he will be able to readily do from e-mail.

MTC Address
Elder Matthew Reese Boren
Provo Missionary Training Center
2005 N 900 E
Provo, UT  84604

Mission Office (Not to be used for general purposes*)
Elder Matthew Reese Boren
Ohio Cleveland Mission
2070 W 177th St
Cleveland, OH  44111

1-216-252-1421 (for the purposes of shipping packages that require a phone number)

*We received a letter from the mission office that asked that we not use this address for general purposes.  They asked that we please wait to send letters and packages until Matthew has received his first assignment and we know his direct mailing address.

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