Friday, September 14, 2012

Tender Mercies

Yesterday I received a post on Facebook from a friend of ours.  It was posted by Elena Tillman whose husband was in the stake presidency when Ted was the stake executive secretary.  We love that family.  They recently were realigned into a new stake and their new stake president is President Gibby.  Elena posted this on my facebook wall last night:

From President Gibby's wife, Lisa- I spent my first day volunteering at the Missionary Training Center today and was taught by Elder Boren, who apparently is in the Saratoga Springs North Stake, and his companion. If any one over there in Harvest Hills knows him, he and his companion did a wonderful job. It may have been a pretend situation but tears came to my eyes as they testified to me of the truthfulness of the gospel and I truly felt the Spirit.

I am sometimes overwhelmed by the kindness of a loving Heavenly Father.  Knowing if he was conveying the Spirit while teaching in those exact situations has been the thing that has been most heavily weighing on Matthew's mind.  I am so grateful that the wife of a Saratoga Springs Stake President ended up being Matthew's investigator yesterday, and that she was kind enough and thoughtful enough and in tune enough to pass along the experience she had being taught by our boy and his companion. 

Heavenly Father is very aware of us.  He is very good.  He is very kind.  He stands so ready to bless.  I'm grateful for such an immediate answer to prayer today.

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