Wednesday, September 12, 2012

September 11, 2012

We got a letter from Matthew this week.  Sounds like he's doing great.  Things are a little bit tough, but all of those initial adjustments seem to prove a challenge to most of us missionary-types at about this stage.  He has a great attitude and is working through things really well.

Here are some letter highlights:

Hello from the MTC!
I'm not sure if you got my last written letter (sent on Wednesday, I think, last week).  It wasn't very long, but it's P-day today, so I've got thirty minutes to email instead of fifteen minutes to write. 
Things are going okay here.  My companion's name is Elder Johnston.  He's from some small town in Montana, and has been a member for just over two years (he's the only member in his family).  He's got a beautiful tenor voice, and it sounds great when I take baritone in a song with him.  We are preparing an acapella duet for one of the Fireside devotionals, and there's a good chance we'll get it! 
The food is alright.  There is a lot of it, but so far I've been succesful at limiting myself to half a plate of main course, a salad, and a soda (I'm trying to move more towards water, but it's hard.  : ) ) 
The lessons are great. We have class in two three hour blocks, and both of teachers are great speakers who teach well through the Spirit. 
The hardest part for sure is the investigators.  We're given five separate "investigators", who we are told may or may not be real investigators.  It is difficult to balance the needs of the investigator with the lesson planned, and I feel a ton of stress thinking about lessons I've got to teach. 
I know that we must do the best we can do, and the Lord will provide the rest.  Hopefully. 
I miss you guys like crazy.  I got the pictures from the little girls yesterday.  Please tell them that I love them and hung them up on the wall next to my bed, where I can see every night before going to bed. 

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